Peer Review Process

This can be done, first, by contacting an Egyptian jury so that he/she would review the paper and write a short report on it ending with approval, rejection, or making specific edits. This is in addition to filling the attached form. The journal is using double-blind option in review.

After the author would make the required edits, the paper would be sent to one of the foreign juries based on the specialty (attached is a list of the foreign juries). In case the foreign jury accepts the paper, whether as it is or by suggesting some edits that should be made by the author, the paper is considered to be accepted. In some cases, a third jury might be contacted.

The system of review is currently being changed to be online by contacting the jury, whether the local one or the foreign one, electronically by sending the paper online so that all the needed data should be filled by the jury ending it by whether the paper is accepted or rejected along with the required edits if there are any. All the steps are available on the assembly’s website and magazine.