Guide for Authors

1- Research papers submitted for publication in the Egyptian Journal of Nutrition and Feeds (EJNF) must be based on original work, not submitted for publication, as a whole or a part, elsewhere.

2- Manuscripts are submitted in triplicate to the chief editor. The first page shows only the title and keywords. A covering page includes the title, authors’ names and addresses.

3- Along with manuscripts the contributor has to hand over a statement signed by all authors (in some conditions, the first author) indicating their agreement on the contents and form of the manuscript, this could be arranged on the covering page.

4- The manuscripts must conform to the style and format of EJNF, please consult a recent issue. The followings are the main features:

4-1.  Manuscripts should be typed in double space with lines numbered, in each page starting by 1.

4-2. Assign serial numbers to pages in the order; text, references, tables, figures and Arabic summary. There are no fixed sections except summary, introduction, material and methods, results and discussion, references and Arabic summary.

4-3. Capitalize the letters of the major work in both the article’s title and the sections titles, e.g. MATERIAL AND METHODS.

4-4. Sub-titles are written in italics (lined in the manuscript) with only the first letter of the first word in capital.

4-5. Within the text keep the following formats:

4.5.1. Abbreviations of the Journal of Animal Science (U.S.A) are adopted in EJNF. Any other abbreviations must be defined. Notice that a period (dot) (.) is put after the abbreviation.

4-5-2. Enumerations Zero to ten are written in letters, e.g. Zero, one two….. etc. Values greater than ten or that followed by abbreviated units are written in Arabic numerals. e.g. 11 animals, 49 wk.

4-5-3. Referring to authors is shown in name for single or double followed by Year, e.g. Garrette 1990, Ahmed and Cline 1989. In case of three or more authors the name of the first author only is mentioned followed by et al., 1989.

4-5-4. Tables, figures and plates are referred to by capital first letters T, F, and P.

4-6. In the references section, each reference is shown in the following succession; the name of author(s), Year, title and editing authority, plus publishing Co. in case of books and symposia. In case of periodicals the volume no. is followed by the number of the first page of the article, if the reference is a book or symposium the book or symposium the pages of the article referred to are shown as pp. 42- 46, or the chapter no. stated. Italicize (lined in the manuscript) the periodical name (e.g. J. Anim. Sci.), in case of books the first letter of each main word of the title is capital.

4-7. Tables must be legible self-explained and with a suitable size. Avoid, as possible, tables that can be included only in a horizontal direction or in more than on-page (the EJNF page size is about 45 lines by about 53 spaces/ line. The table heading is written as: Table heading is written as Table 2. Means of ….. Capitalize the first letter of the first word in each column heading. Footnotes are referred to by numbers 1, 2.. if the table is not including numbers or otherwise by letters a, b,c… The table must be of good quality typing since it is included in the issue by photocopy.

4-8.  The figures should be executed on transparency or calc paper. Include the legend in the figure area.

4-9.  Plates either black and white or colored must show fine resolution.

5-   Each article will be refereed by two experts and forwarded to the author to consider the comments of the referees in case of acceptance for publication. 

Article Processing Charge:

The journal is published in both print and online versions and all articles published in the journal are fully open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. Publication Fee is free of charge.