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Animal Production Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.


Afeeding trail was conducted to evaluate the  effect of replacement corn grains by dried orange pulp (DOP) as source of energy in the concentrate feed mixture of Baladi dairy goats on nutrients digestibilties, feeding value, feed intake, milk yield and composition ,feed efficiency and some parameters of blood. Twenty four Baladi dairy goats within three seasons of lactation, aged 3 – 4 years and average weight 28.62 kg were divided randomly to four similar groups (6 goats each) to receive the experimental rations those contained 0, 50, 75 and 100% DOP replacing of corn grains in   concentrate feed mixtures (FCM) with berseem hay (BH) at 50: 50 to cover the maintenance and production requirements for R1, R2, R3 and R4, respectively. Four digestibility trails were conducted to determine the digestibility and feeding values of the experimental ratios. Results indicated that the experimental rations were almost similar in their nutrients digestibilties, expect CF digestibility which significantly increased by increasing the DOP  levels in the rations , also NFE digestibility tended to be significant higher only with 50% DOP- ration than the control one. The feeding value as TDN was significantly higher for alltested rations than that of control one , but the feeding value of DCP were similar between  the lower -DOP ration and that of control one , while the values of the other tested rations were significant lower than that of control one. Inclusion DOP in rations had no significant effect on feed intake. Milk yield and 4% fat corrected milk yield were different significantly among the dietary treatments being the best milk yield was occurred with 50% DOP ration. Almost there were no significant differences among the experimental dietary treatments respecting the concentrations of all milk constituents, except milk fat that significantly higher in particular with tasted rations which contained the lower and medium levels of DOP. Also, no significant differences for feed efficiency among the experimental treatments were observed. Most blood parameter values of all dietary treatments were seemed to be similar. Economic efficiency was improved particular with the tested ration that has the lower level of DOP (50%). It could be concluded that dried orange pulp could be replace at the rate of 50% of corn grains in dairy goat rations without any adverse effect on productive performance and health of Baladi dairy goats.