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Poultry Science Department, Ain Shams University, Cairo 11241, Egypt.


This study aimed to investigate effects of supplementing corn-soybean meal diets of broilers with enzyme mixture (Phytabex plus ) on growth performance, slaughter traits and blood metabolites. A total of 150 one day old Avian broiler chicks (sex-mixed) were subjected to a 5 weeks dietary experiment. Chicks were randomly divided into 5 experimental groups [basal diets supplemented with 0, 100, 150, 200 and 200 g/ ton Phytabex plus , during starter (0-3 weeks) and 0, 100, 150, 200 and 100 g/ ton Phytabex plus , during grower (4-5 weeks)]. Each treatment comprised 3 replicates (10 chicks per replicate). Results indicated that, chicks fed diet supplemented with 100 g/ ton Phytabex plus (T2) had significantly heavier live body weight (LBW) by (4.11 (T1), 9.39 (T3), 4.98 (T4) and 4.83% (T5) than other treatments. Feed conversion ratio (FCR) was 1.86, 1.95, 1.99, 1.90 and 1.95 for birds fed diet supplemented with different levels of Phytabex plus (T1: T5) respectively. In addition, birds fed diet supplemented with 150 g/ ton Phytabex plus (T3) recorded higher dressing percentage and ready to cook at 5 weeks of age compared to other groups. Moreover, enzyme supplementation significantly increased plasma total protein and globulin while, total cholesterol and alanine transaminase (ALT) were insignificantly affected by dietary treatments. Economic traits during the trial period were decreased for chicks fed any of experimental diets as compared with those fed the control diet. It is clear from the present study that using Phytabex plus at 100 g/ ton improved LBW and at 150 g/ ton improved percentage of dressed weight and total edible parts and there was no negative effect on liver but favorable effects were noticed on some blood parameters, while there was no economical benefit upon using Phytabex plus .


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