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1 Dairy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Damietta University, Egypt.

2 Food Science and technology Department, Faculty of Home Economic, Al-Azhar University, Egypt.


The main target of this study is preparing functional dairy product mainly probiotic beverages or drinkable yogurt fortified with Pineapple as sweet beverage. The probiotic strain are Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 (A), Bifidobacteriumbifidium and L. acidofilus. Results indicated that blending of yogurt drink with pineapple increased the titratable acidity according to the acidic nature of pineapple itself. TS contents ofbeverages were increased as the proportion of pineapple increased; the increases were parallel to the level of pineapple. It could be noticed also that ash percent increased as the level of fruit increased in fresh samples.WSN and TVFA; it could be noticed that all values were considerably increased as a result of proteolysis and lipolysis.The growth of St. thermophilesin beverage samples fortified withdifferent ratios (w/w) of pineapple pulp during the storage period were estimated.  It was clear that the counts were decreased as pineapple level increased and also as a storage period progressed.The counts of Biffidobacteriumssp were increased in pineapple samples rather than control. The counts of fresh samples were 33, 36, 44 and 46 (cfu×x105) in C, T1, T2 and T3, respectively. The counts decreased during storage to reach 24 and 18 (cfu×x105) for control and 25 and 20 (cfu×x105) for T1, while it became 35 and 25 (cfu×x105) for T2. The third sample (T3) gained 46, 37 and 29 (cfu×x105) when fresh and after one and two weeks.The scores for body & consistency were clear, varied either in treating samples or stored samples. Adding of pineapple lead to produce non homogenized body and little coagulated particles as an effect of acidic action of pineapple. Flavour scores indicated that the favorite sample was T3, where it possessed 47.71, 47.90 and 47.99 points when fresh and after one and two weeks, respectively. The total acceptability indicated that control samples had the highest degrees.


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